2018 Trans Am

The New Trans Am 2018 offers outstanding style and technology both inside and out. See interior & exterior photos. New Trans Am 2018 New features complemented by a lower starting price and streamlined packages. The mid-size New Trans Am 2018 offers a complete lineup with a wide variety of finishes and features, two conventional engines.

Many people have heard about the new 2017 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird as a great coming back of Pontiac on the USA market. Even they know that Pontiac is not in business for a long time, they somehow expect to see just one more model on the market. You’ll see great articles on the Internet about this car, but every of them is just a scam, for the info that these are made by Pontiac, they are being made by some other company (TransAm Depot), they bought rights for Trans am Bandit. Here are some information about new Trans AM Pontiac 2017.

Rumors said that the basic 2017 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird has a 3.7-liter V6 engine, which generates 305 horsepower and make 280 pound-feet of torque and second version, the Firebird, is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine, which produces 390 pound-feet of torque with 420 horsepower. With addition of supercharger the engine on the monstrous 2017 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird (Trans Am Bandit) trim significantly boosts power to 631 pound-feet of torque and 662 horse power. But, the real truth is, that this is custom made cars, so you can choose engine that you like, and put in Camaro donor.

They also tell about more befitting rounded shape and LED headlights which have been changed (due to new trends by Pontiac) by increasing the width to be placed next to the grille. According to them, the vehicle’s side sills have also been restyled. The quarter panel badge at the front has also been modified and all vehicle looks like the 2017 Firebird Bandit Edition.

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