2019 Tesla Roadster

2019 Tesla Roadster or Tesla 2.0, as the second generation of the famous fully electric car, is made for only one purpose. “The point of doing this is to just give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars,” says Elon Musk an inventor and owner of the Tesla factory where this amazing car is built. However, it is not sure when this model will be on the market, so we called it a 2019 model, even though there are high chances that its releasing date could be prolonged to the 2020 year. More than a decade after the first electric Lotus Elise with lithium-ion battery under the hood was called Roadster and couple of years after the first Roadster hit the Mars on its first space driving.


On available photos, we were able to see how the manufacturer changed and improved 2019 Tesla Roadster, but we must say that he remained all recognizable and well-known details. It has the same sharp front end without visible grille and flat place for it, and with two thin but impressive LED front lights. The rear end is short and sharp and had a thin sharp line across the truck with wide air intake as or instead of exhaust.


Cabin space in 2019 Tesla Roadster is the only thing that even Elon Musk called “tight a little” because it is planned to be large for 2+2 passengers only and shape of the car does not allows more cargo space. But, who cares for that?


When it comes to the engine, 2019 Tesla Roadster is made to break the rules and open a completely new era in the car industry, especially among electrical cars. It has three electrical engines, two placed on the rear end and one on the front end, together with 200 kWh of power. They are able to hit 60 mph for 1.9 seconds and top speed is 250 mph. but the most interesting is 7.300 pound-feet of torque, the highest even among petrol engines. Finally, the engine will be able to drive 650 miles per charging, and the manufacturer announced that their aim is to reach 1,000 miles per charging as their limit.

2019 Tesla Roadster Price

Do not expect the low and favorable price for the car like 2019 Tesla Roadster. According to the manufacturer, it will cost around $200,000 and they will make a limited number of units. Everything about Tesla Roadster must be unique and special. Even the ordering of one of these models costs $50,000. So, if you are ready for a new adventure with the special electric car, this is time for you!

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