3 Auto Car Detailing Tips and Methods for Getting that Car Show Look

Auto car detailing keeps your vehicle looking brand new and protects it from the elements. There are a variety of car cleaning and car paint wax products that can make the job easy.

1 – Cleaning the Exterior

Be sure your vehicle is parked in a shaded area. Wash the exterior of your car before you apply any protective products to the finish. You will need a soft, clean cloth and a bucket of warm, soapy water. The soap you use should be made specifically for your car. Rinse the car with cool water and then use a synthetic chamois to dry it.

2 – Protecting the Exterior

Protecting your car finish is very important. Purchase the best car wax available. Read the information provided by the manufacturer of the detailing products you are going to use. Apply a coating of wax to the finish to keep it protected and shiny. Allow the wax to sit for a short time, depending on the directions provided. Use a soft, clean cloth to polish off the wax.

3 – Cleaning and Protecting the Interior

The interior of a car can build up dust and debris. Remove any larger pieces of debris from the car. Use a vacuum to remove all of the smaller debris. Be sure to vacuum between the seats and the seat belt hardware, and underneath the front seats. Apply a carpet cleaning powder to the carpet. Allow the cleaner to sit for about 10 minutes before you vacuum it from the car. Apply upholstery cleaner to the car seats and then either wipe or vacuum it away. Leather upholstery should be cleaned with a leather treatment and conditioning product. Remove any dust from the interior, especially from the dashboard and the console. Use a quality glass cleaner and quality paper towels to clean the interior side of the windows

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