Myth Busted: Inflate tires to the pressure shown on the tire’s sidewall.

The pounds-per-square-inch figure on the side of the tire is the maximum pressure that the tire can safely hold, not...
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Cross Drilled or Slotted Rotors?

What's the purpose of drilled rotors or slotted rotors? Crossed drilled rotors and slotted rotors (and rotors that are both...
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Myth Busted:Engine oil should be changed every 3,000 miles.

Despite what oil companies and quick-lube shops often claim, it's usually not necessary. Stick to the service intervals in your...
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Myth Busted: Engine oil that’s turned black is no good

Photo Credit:  wikipedia Engine oil that turns black is actually a sign that the oil is working. Modern engine oils...
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West Virginia Window Tinting Laws

Car window tinting laws in West Virginia were enacted in 1991. We have provided all the necessary information about your...
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