Cheap Ways to Add Horsepower to Your Car ?

We hear this question at least 5 times a week ” I don’t have a ton of money so what is the cheapest way for me to make my car faster ? ” . Well here is some good information that might help out.


If you’re looking to add horsepower to your vehicle, you’ll find that there are a large number of different options available to you. Most components of the vehicle’s engine system can be changed out and improved, which results in some overall benefit in terms of horsepower. However, there are certain ways you can add torque and horsepower for less money than others. Keep in mind that the primary way of adding horsepower is to increase the force with which the engine is able to combust fuel and air. Any part of the vehicle that will directly relate to this process will be able to effectively add horsepower to your car. Read on for a few tips.


Number 1 — Cold Air Intake

One of the most effective ways to add horsepower to your car at the best value, is by substituting in a cold air intake for your standard vehicle intake. The air intake system brings fresh air into the combustion chamber to be mixed with gasoline so that the fuel can be combusted. Cold air has several benefits over regular air. It can move through more quickly, which allows the engine to operate more efficiently and faster. There are also other benefits to using cold air for the combustion process efficiency as well. Substituting a cold air intake in is one of the best ways to increase the overall horsepower of your vehicle for not a lot of money. Although the installation process can be somewhat tricky.


Number 2 — New Exhaust

The exhaust system in your car can also serve to limit the total horsepower output you’re able to achieve as well. If you are able to install a new exhaust system that has a larger diameter exhaust pipe and fewer twists and turns in the system, you’ll find that the engine is able to breathe a bit better and the combustion process will go more smoothly. Ask a mechanic or a custom body parts professional for some ideas about which exhaust systems may be better for your vehicle.


Number 3 — Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter also plays an important role in improving the overall processing of your engine. Most standard cars have similarly standard catalytic converters. By purchasing and installing a performance type catalytic converter, you can further increase the overall horsepower of your vehicle. This is generally a  cheaper option, but the total benefit in terms of added horsepower that you’ll get for your effort is less than what you’d get for the first two options on this list.


Number 4 — New Headers

The headers on your car are responsible as well for maintaining overall engine performance. Installing new headers can help to marginally improve the horsepower in your car quickly and not for a lot of money.

For more information about how to better increase the horsepower on your car, ask a professional in your area.

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