1. Respect other people’s rides

Here’s the thing: somebody adores that vehicle like it’s a family member. They don’t see the issues, the way that it looks, or even if it isn’t the “typical” modified car. They see an amazing piece of machinery deserving of some good old fashioned TLC… and they shouldn’t have to deal with you trash talking it. While I admit, I am one of these people who pick the non-traditional car to modify, it doesn’t make me any less of a “car guy.”

Not for nothing, besides you, they tried to go to the show, paid the fees, got the car meet/show ready and then subject themselves to a both praise and criticism. What’s that age old saying? If you can’t say something nice…

2. NO burnouts

I completely understand that you have a lot of testosterone and built up horsepower. I’m also sure that because of it, it makes you completely suitable towards the opposite sex. Just don’t get everyone kicked out of the parking lot because you need to show off with some tire smoke. Even worse, drawing the attention of local law enforcement. In my opinion and experience, most officers are ok with car meets as long as you respect others and the rules of the road (this comes from being both the car guy and the cop). So don’t be that guy.

4. Respect others’ property

5. Respect the laws, organizers and the police

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